The Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai Donates Teqball Tables to Schools in Putuo District

November 03, 2021 |

On the afternoon of June 24, the donation ceremony was held in Shanghai Meilong Middle School, where the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai donated Teqball tables to schools in Putuo District. Szilárd BOLLA, Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai, Dzenifer Halmai and Akos Handler, both Commercial Consul for Commercial Affairs, CHEN Liqun, Deputy Director of Putuo District Government Office, TANG Xiaoyan, Director of Putuo District Education Bureau, and leaders of Putuo District Youth Centers and Project Schools, all attended the donation ceremony.

TANG Xiaoyan delivered a gracious speech of welcome at the donation ceremony. She expressed that China and Hungary had a long-standing friendship, and Putuo District also maintained a long-term friendly city relationship with the 8th District of Budapest. In recent years, Putuo District has always been committed to "providing the suitable education for the growth and excellence of every student". She sincerely expressed her gratitude to the Consult General of Hungary in Shanghai for implementing important projects represented by Teqball and Rubik's Cube in Putuo District. This not only enables students in Putuo District to experience more diversified sports, science and technology and cultural projects but also benefits the cultivation of students' global vision and competence. Meanwhile, she also hopes that all schools can take this opportunity to vigorously promote the new sport of Teqball in the Putuo District.

After watching the promotional video of Teqball and the video recorded by the founder for this activity, Szilárd BOLLA, Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai, donated Teqball tables to 10 schools in Putuo District, including Cao Yang No. 2 High School, Cao Yang Middle School, Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School, No. 4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU, the School Attached to Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 High School, Shanghai Meilong Middle School, Shanghai Tongchuan School, Jinshajiang Road Primary School, Shanghai New Putuo Primary School and Zhenguang Primary School. The representative of Meilong Middle School, as the representative of the recipient school, delivered a speech.

Szilárd BOLLA, Consul General of Hungary in Shanghai, delivered a speech. He said that Putuo District and Budapest District 8 were friendly cities, and it was an appropriate time to bring Teqball to Putuo District during the European Cup. Originated in Hungary in 2014, Teqball was a new sport that focused on table football and integrated table pitching, volleyball and tennis. Apart from being officially recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia and the Association of African Olympic Committees, it has also become one of the official events of the 2021 Asian Beach Games. The donation of Teqball tables to 10 schools in Putuo District was only the beginning. In the future, this sport would continue to be vigorously promoted in Putuo District. Also, he sincerely hoped that more people could participate in and fall in love with it.