Main responsibilities of the CPC Education Working Commission and the CPC Education Bureau of Putuo District, Shanghai

November 18, 2022 |

The CPC Education Working Committee of Shanghai Putuo district, dispatched and authorized by the district Committee, is responsible for the Party work of education system in whole district. The Education Bureau of Shanghai Putuo District is a divisional level government departments in charge of education work in whole district. The Shanghai Putuo District Education Working Committee and Shanghai Putuo District Education Bureau own co-located office.


The main responsibilities of the CPC Education Working Committee Shanghai Putuo District are as follows:


1. To strengthen the Party's centralized leadership over education work, implementing the Party's lines, principles and policies. To ensure that the major decisions of the District Committee are implemented in the system and organize supervision. To lead the Party organization work of the Shanghai Putuo District Education Working Commission, Shanghai Putuo District Education Bureau and its affiliated institutions.


2. To assist the district committee in managing the cadres in accordance with the right of cadre management. To be responsible for the construction of district education cadres system in training, selection, appointment and removal, management and supervision of cadres, improving their political quality and professional level. To strengthen the construction of the talent team in the district education system, and promote the reform of personnel system.


3. To be responsible for party construction in its affiliated public institutions, to carry out research on Party’s primary level construction. To explore effective ways for strengthening Party construction in primary and secondary schools. To establish and improve regulations of primary level Party organizations, guiding the Party construction work in non-government schools. To do well in educating, managing, supervising and developing Party members.


4. To be responsible for the ideological and political construction, publicity and spiritual civilization construction of the subordinate institutions. To guide all kinds of schools at all levels  in the district to grasp the moral education work and implement the fundamental task of moral education. To implement the responsibility system of ideological work. To lead the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations of the district education system to carry out their work independently in accordance with relevant regulations.


5. To be responsible for implementing the main responsibility for comprehensive strict Party self-governance of the subordinate institutions, to improve the construction of the "four-responsibility coordination" mechanism. To strengthen publicity education, the prevention  of government integrity risks, and cooperate with the district discipline supervision group dispatched by the district commission to implement the supervision responsibility.


6.To be responsible for the relevant work of the retired cadres of the affiliated public institutions. To be responsible for the united front work of the affiliated institutions, and give full play to the role of the democratic parties, personages without party affiliation and intellectuals outside the Party.


7. To be responsible for dealing with all kinds of events affecting the stability of the district education system, and doing well in risks prevention and mitigation, and maintaining the stability of schools.


8. To strengthen the investigation and research on major concerns about Party construction and the reform and development of education system, and timely put forward suggestions to the district committee, and provide reference for decision-making.


9.To complete other tasks assigned by the district Committee.


The main responsibilities of Shanghai Putuo District Education Bureau are as follows:


1.To carry out regulations, guidelines and policies on education. To research and formulate policies, standards and systems related to the regional education reform, and implement.


2.To be responsible for the plan of district education development, annual work and implement. To promote reform of education system, school-running system, and education management. To undertake the relevant work of the education leading group office of the District Committee.


3.To make overall planning and management of preschool education, compulsory education, senior high school education, secondary vocational education, special education and other kinds of education work, and to be responsible for the enrollment and roll management of all kinds of schools in the district. To be responsible for the adjustment of size, structure and layout of school in this area. To statistics, analysis, and release basic educational information.


4. To promote the public welfare development of preschool education, formulate and implement of the development plan of preschool education in the district, and improve the quality of childcare education. To take the lead in the management of childcare services , develop the setting standards and management measures of childcare institutions, formulate the development plans of childcare services, and conduct supervision, management and work guidance of childcare institutions together with relevant functional departments.


5.To promote balanced development of basic education in the district. To improve the quality and balanced level of compulsory education, promote the diversified development of senior high schools , deepen the reform of combining special education with medical education, and do a good job in the enrollment, education and teaching management of ethnic minority classes in middle schools. To advance the teaching reform of basic education courses. To guide and promote the scientific research work of education in schools. Arrange the school facilities and equipment according to the standard.


6.To promote the integrated development of vocational education in the district. To encourage vocational colleges to deepen cooperation between education and enterprises, strengthen the integration of regional vocational education resources, and organize vocational experience education for primary and secondary school students. And strengthen the management of vocational education and teaching. Cooperate with relevant departments to carry out employment training for groups in need.


7.Promoting lifelong education is widely available. Cooperate with the district Committee to coordinate and promote the construction of a learning society and the promotion of lifelong education. To guide and promote the construction of the lifelong education system, coordinate all kinds of educational resources, develop community, family and elderly education, promote the construction of learning organizations, and carry out various citizen education activities.


8.To encourage and standardize non-government education. Support social forces to enter all levels and to provide quality educational resources.To propose and implement government support policies for private education. Strengthen the standardized management and be responsible for the establishment, alteration and termination of privately-run education institutions. And coordinate relevant departments of the district, strengthen the supervision and promote healthy development of privately-run education.


9.To plan, guide and manage the construction of teachers. To strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics, formulate and implement a management system for teachers. To formulate and implement plan of teachers team building . To organize teachers’ training and optimize the team structure. To be responsible for teacher qualification identification, and cooperate with relevant departments of the district to do teacher recruitment and professional and technical position evaluation. Work with the personnel of the district education system, the establishment of the public institutions, wages and other welfare work.


10.To be responsible for the management and supervision of the district education funds. To be responsible for the overall management of educational expenses and educational capital construction investment at the corresponding level. To supervise the management of the state-owned educational assets and the budget implementation and standardized use of educational financial funds. To manage educational capital construction projects together with relevant district departments. To be responsible for the management of education fees and the audit of the district education system. To guide and coordinate the reform, management of school logistics and economical campus construction.


11.To be responsible for school physical education, health, art, popular science popularization, labor education. Take the lead and coordinate the relevant departments to do well in the protection of minors, the comprehensive management of campus and surrounding public security, school bus use management and supervision. To be responsible for organizing and guiding schools to carry out national defense, legal and safety education. To supervise and guide school safety administration work.


12.To be responsible for the international education exchange of the district schools, the educational cooperation and exchange with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the educational matching assistance work. Promote the information of education in the district. To be responsible for guiding the law-based governance of the country.


13.To complete other tasks assigned by the district committee and government.