Education Overview of Putuo District

November 03, 2021 |

As of the end of 2020, Putuo District (hereinafter referred to as the “District ") had a total of 186 educational institutions (156 public ones and 30 private ones), which mainly consist of 84 kindergartens (including 24 private kindergartens), 26 primary schools (including one private primary school), 11 junior high schools (including one private junior high school), 23 nine-year schools (including one private school), three twelve-year schools (including two private schools), four high schools, seven secondary schools (including one private secondary school ), and two special education schools, one work-study school, one secondary vocational and technical school, one spare-time university, one district school of education, 10 community schools and 12 other education organizations.

There are 101,100 students in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the whole District. They are mainly composed of 26,300 children in kindergartens, 42,400 primary school students, 23,500 junior high school students, 7,800 high school students and 1,100 secondary vocational school students. The total number of in-service teachers is 11,400 (including 9,800 in-service staff on regular payroll), including 9,200 full-time teachers. In addition, there are 8,700 retired faculty members in the District.

In 2020, focusing on the goal of realizing education modernization and building a strong education district, the District Education Bureau, on the basis of doing its best to prevent and control COVID-19, has always been committed to firmly implementing the fundamental task of "fostering character and civic virtue" and various tasks concerning comprehensive education reform, thus achieving the successful completion of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the comprehensive planning of the development blueprint of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Undoubtedly, Putuo Education has become a unique symbol of the whole District, making valuable contributions to the economic and social development of the whole District.

Specifically, first of all, we firmly realized the effective prevention and control of COVID-19. With giving top priority to ensuring the life safety and health of teachers and students, the District has achieved full coverage of online teaching in primary and secondary schools and organized orderly students from all levels and schools to return to school in batches. In addition, the District ensured the safe and orderly development of school education through a series of measures, including the orderly connection between online and offline teaching, the provision of refined services for the resumption of work and production of training institutions, and the normalized prevention and control of COVID-19 in campuses. Meanwhile, the District has overcome adverse factors such as high temperature and heavy rain and promoted the smooth progress of the senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination.

Second, we have effectively carried out the fundamental task of "fostering character and civic virtue". The District was awarded excellent in the evaluation of moral education in the whole city, with one case being awarded as a typical case of moral education in primary and secondary schools by the Ministry of Education. On the premise of earnestly implementing major policies such as reform and innovation of ideological and political courses and labor education, the District has formulated implementation plans for district committee and government to promote reform and innovation of ideological and political courses, and implementation plans for district committee and government to deepen labor education in the new era, which have been steadily promoted and implemented. In addition, a wide range of work concerning schools, including sports, art, science and technology, hygiene and health, have been promoted in an orderly manner, with winning remarkable honors in the whole city and country.

Third, we have fully expanded the supply of high-quality educational resources. The District vigorously promoted the inclusive development of preschool education public welfare, adding 5 public nursery classes and 8 social-run nursery institutions, and realizing the full coverage with 10 inclusive nursery points. Haoyuan Kindergarten and Meishu Kindergarten have passed the establishment evaluation of demonstration kindergartens in Shanghai with excellent results. The quality preschool education resources in the whole district reached 76%, ranking first in the whole city. Additionally, to achieve high-quality and balanced compulsory education, the District not only further promoted the creation of high-quality and balanced development works but also accelerated the implementation of the compact and collectivized school-running model, establishing the Meilong Education Group. On the other hand, the District has also made great efforts to create high-quality and diverse high school education. For example, An Shi Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music won the title of  municipal characteristic high school and became the fourth school in the District to receive this honor. In addition, the Putuo Campus of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University has officially started to enroll new students. Meanwhile, the service capacity of vocational education and lifelong education in the District also presents a steady upward trend. For example, the construction of vocational education alliance in the District has been fully affirmed in the performance evaluation of the municipal vocational education group, and the model of integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation also was applied to promote the development of vocational education. Within this context, citizens also possess more carriers and options for diversified learning.

Fourth, we have continuously deepened educational reform. The reform of teaching and entrance examination has been further promoted. For example, focusing on the implementation of the reform of "New Curriculum and New Textbook" in senior high schools, the District has strengthened relevant training and guidance. Meanwhile, the District has also promoted the project-based learning of compulsory education, with 2 schools becoming municipal seeded schools and four schools becoming experimental schools. The reform of compulsory education enrollment has been steadily promoted, and the work of synchronous enrollment of public and private schools and computer random admission in private schools has been gradually and steadily implemented. The reform of the senior high school entrance examination and the construction of the physical and chemical experimental examination hall was promoted in an orderly and steadily manner. With regard to the standardized and characteristic development of private education, the comprehensive management of the education and training market has been further strengthened, and the prepayment supervision pilot project of training institutions has taken the lead in the whole city. The District has also deepened the evaluation reform and promoted the pilot work related to the evaluation system of students' comprehensive quality. Moreover, the District has scientifically compiled the "14th Five-Year Plan" and held multi-level symposiums. On the basis of pooling people's wisdom and effectively connecting the superior and subordinate institutions, the preparation of the general planning was successfully completed, identifying eight major initiatives and eight key projects.

Fifthly, we have made new achievements in the construction of the teachers' talents team. To strengthen the assessment of teachers' morality and ethics, the "one-vote veto" system against the anomie of teachers' morality has been implemented. The District explicitly supports the promotion of teachers' academic qualifications and continuously promotes the training of backbone teachers and top-notch teachers. Under the impetus of such efforts, one person was awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Individual in Ideological and Moral Work for Minors". In addition, 8 people were rated as the Municipal Special-grade Teachers, and 13 people were rated as the Top High-level Teachers. 16 teachers won prizes in the Teaching Evaluation of Young and Middle-aged Teachers in Shanghai, and 1 was rated as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Head Teachers in Shanghai. 2 teachers won prizes in the Yangtze River Delta Head Teacher's Morality Cultivation Ability Competition. 1 teacher was rated as the Leading Talent in Putuo District. 1 teacher was rated as the Top-notch Talent, and 4 teachers were rated as Young Talents.

Sixth, we have continuously improved the educational governance ability. The empowerment of new technology to education has been accelerated, and the District has been rated as the "Information Teaching Experimental Zone" by the Ministry of Education. The new mechanism of coordinated development of education in the Yangtze River Delta region has been continuously improved. For example, the District cooperated with Tongxiang to build Shangyang Tongxiang Fengzikai School. In addition, the District has effectively promoted the development of educational connotation in counterpart-assistance areas, with making great contributions to poverty alleviation in Zunyi and Kunming. The District has deepened the governance of managing education by law, achieving the full coverage of the rule-of-law vice-principals in primary and secondary schools. While strengthening campus safety, the District also coordinates and implements the construction of a safety risk prevention and control system. Educational supervision has been further promoted.