Major Responsibilities of the Education Bureau of Putuo District

October 17, 2020 |

1. Implement national and municipal laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies on education.

2. Formulate and implement educational development plans and annual working plan of the district.

3. Administrate elementary and secondary schools, kindergartens, vocational-technical schools, adult education schools and other educational institutions in the district.

4. Develop and implement the enrollment plans and graduates assignment plans for various levels and types of schools under its administration.

5. Implement national and municipal guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on educational funds, appropriations and infrastructure investment; manage and make overall arrangements for educational funds; manage education donations.

6. Guide the schools internal management system reform; develop and implement plans for the construction of the teaching body and educational administration; formulate and implement rules and measures for commending and rewarding outstanding teachers and teaching staff members; evaluate, appoint and dismiss school leaders based on cadre administration authority and procedures.

7. Guide the ideological and political work, moral education, teaching, sports hygiene and aesthetic education, safety work, labor skill training and national defence education of various schools; ensure physical and psychological health of minor students and protect their legitimate interests in coordination with relevant departments.

8. Work together with relevant departments to make overall plans for the lifelong education system of the district; guide relevant organizations to promote the development of a learning society.

9. Enhance educational supervision to improve the quality of school running; focus on education and research development and commercialize the results; encourage the use of modern educational technologies to improve efficiency in school management.

10. Manage school assets; make plans for the construction of school buildings; improve school conditions.

11. Examine, supervise and manage schools run by non-governmental sectors.

12. Enhance educational exchange and cooperation with other countries.

13. Undertake other tasks delegated by the district government.


(Note: revised based on the Notice of Publishing the Regulations on the Internal Institutions and Manning Quotas of the Education Bureau of Putuo District by the People’s Government Office of Putuo District (Pufuban[2009]No.50))