Taopu Smart City a perfect blend of industry and urban living

September 22, 2023 |

Do you dream of working and living in a park with a green garden-style panoramic view and fully equipped facilities for industrial and urban integration? 

Let's go to the largest open public green space in the downtown city – Taopu Central Green Space – and immerse yourself in Taopu Smart City, an international city that blends industry and urban living. 

Taopu Central Green Space is the representative work of Taopu's transformation and upgrading. It is not only a place with a green and beautiful environment, but it also has a variety of sports venues such as the international standard ice rink, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and Go halls, which have already been officially opened to the public. 

Next to the green space stands a landmark tower complex that represents the first project of the Taopu Smart City transformation and upgrade – the TOP City Complex Zone A. 

The park is operated by Lingang Group Development Corporation throughout its entire lifecycle. It adheres to the development standards of both sides of the Huangpu River. 

It is situated above the Qilianshan Road Station of Metro Line 11 and is adjacent to the Shanghai-Jiaxing Expressway and the inner and outer ring roads network. It takes only 25 minutes by car to get to the Hongqiao transportation hub and 30 minutes to People's Square, thus making it very convenient for commuting and working here. 

TOP City Complex Zone A is an exemplary model of industrial and urban integration. There are super Class A office buildings, a comfortable high-end hotel and service apartments for talent, a commercial circle that caters to the public via Taopu Bay, and an internationally-oriented innovation park known as China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub. 

The China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub opened in 2019 and TOP City Complex Zone A serves as its main carrier. This park focuses on joint research and development projects, achievement transformation projects, and early industrialization projects of the two countries' advantageous areas. There are already over 100 innovative enterprises and institutions settling here, with more than 500 effective intellectual property rights. 

The project in TOP City Complex Zone B, which is located next to China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub, is also taking shape and is scheduled to be completed this year. 

Working here is not only an opportunity to enjoy the green environment and high-quality facilities, but also a chance to experience an integrative and intelligent park management approach that is low-carbon, energy-saving, and cost-effective. 

The AI Park intelligent park management platform has achieved a comprehensive intelligent management of energy, property, security and firefighting, and business operations throughout the city. Users can open the mobile app and conveniently enjoy various integrated protection services without waiting too long and reducing operating costs. 

Shanghai Thomas School, one of the important supporting facilities of Taopu Smart City, is only one street away from TOP City Complex Zone B. It is a 12-year international private school that provides a STEAM-based high-quality international education curriculum.

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