Taopu Smart City: a green, innovative, sustainable development hub

September 08, 2023 |

Looking back at the history of Taopu Smart City, it once carried the lifeblood of Shanghai's chemical industry. Today, Taopu Smart City is sprinting towards high-quality development in the new era. 

The "green" plan of Taopu Smart City is led by Taopu Central Green Space, which has set a grand vision of "benchmarking Central Park in New York" since its planning. 

As the largest open green space in the urban area of Shanghai, the total area reaches 100 hectares. 

In the underground space of the green area, there is the Putuo Ice Sports Center, which has the most standard short-track speed skating and ice hockey rinks in the western part of Shanghai. 

In addition, professional sports fields, including basketball, swimming, and Go, are also available here, and there will be a horticulture exhibition hall and more living facilities in the future. It is being developed into a comprehensive project that integrates sports, culture, and horticulture. 

The layout of Taopu Smart City's industry, commerce, and residential areas will also unfold around Taopu Central Green Space. 

"In practice, Taopu Smart City has taken about 10 years to complete the basic work, and it is expected to take another 10 years to basically complete the construction of the entire core area," said Qiang Hao, the general manager of Shanghai Taopu Smart City Development and Construction Co Ltd. 

In terms of industry layout, it is focusing on three directions: life and health, smart manufacturing research and development, and intelligent technology. 

With the help of existing pharmaceutical industry resources, after the relocation of local pharmaceutical factories, their research and development centers and marketing centers have been retained. 

Currently, well-known companies such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, Hutchison Pharmaceuticals and MSD have retained their core business in Taopu Smart City. 

The new Jinhuan Plaza, which is about to be completed, will gather more well-known pharmaceutical companies to jointly build Taopu Smart City's biomedical port. 

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, as a landmark project jointly developed by China and Israel, the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub was officially opened on December 5, 2019. As of now, the park has more than 100 innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises settled in. 

The domestically renowned internet security company, 360, has stationed its international business here and joined hands with the hub to promote the establishment of an international digital security and ecological operation center.

In terms of transportation, there are currently two Metro lines, Line 11 and Line 15, running through Taopu Smart City. The planned route of Metro Line 26 will also set up stations within Taopu Smart City along Qilianshan Road. The research work of Metro Line 20's westward extension to serve the core area of Taopu Smart City is also actively in progress.

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