Putuo District, Ruijin Hospital explore cooperation

September 01, 2023 |

Putuo District Party Secretary Jiang Dongdong and Xiao Wengao, the district director, received a delegation from Ruijin Hospital on August 23, where they had a discussion on strengthening cooperation, sharing experiences, and planning future development. 

Jiang warmly welcomed the visit of the Ruijin Hospital delegation and pointed out that Ruijin Hospital is a famous city-level hospital in Shanghai, providing professional and high-quality medical services to patients, with strong strength and excellent reputation. 

In the future, Putuo will strengthen communication and cooperation with the hospital in production, research, and education, actively promoting cooperation and working together for common development. 

Qu Jieming, the secretary of the Party Committee of Ruijin Hospital, said that Ruijin Hospital has always attached great importance to the innovative development model of integrating production, research, and education. 

He hopes that the two sides will focus on services and demand, anchor high-quality development goals for medical and health careers in the construction of science and technology innovation platforms such as China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub, jointly build and share high-level medical and technological resources, and cooperate closely in the construction of compact medical alliances.

Ning Guang, the president of Ruijin Hospital and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, detailed the development of Ruijin Hospital, expressing the hope to strengthen cooperation with related enterprises in Putuo in areas such as clinical research and digital medicine. 

At the meeting, deputy director Wang Jue and Xiao Li respectively introduced the development of Putuo's life and health industry and science and technology innovation industry. 

Before the meeting, Xiao Wengao accompanied the Ruijin Hospital delegation to visit the Taopu Smart City Planning Exhibition Hall and learned about the cooperation between the hub and Israeli teams in multiple fields such as artificial intelligence and life and health industries.

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