Putuo, ISC collaborate to explore smart city security solutions

August 23, 2023 |

The Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference, jointly sponsored by the Putuo District government and the Internet Security Conference Organizing Committee, was successfully held in Beijing recently. 

This is the second time the ISC and the Shanghai Digital Innovation Conference have worked together since they first collaboration last year. 

The two parties held a joint summit on topics related to digital innovation, network security and financial security, bringing together relevant departments, industry professionals, and experts and scholars from Beijing and Shanghai to explore the security risks, solutions and practical results faced in the digitalization process of cities. 

The ISC is the largest and most far-reaching international security industry event in the Asia-Pacific region's digital security field. Since its first session in 2013, the ISC has focused on digital security issues and provided more than 4,500 cutting-edge topics to the industry.

It has attracted more than 2,000 political leaders, industry leaders and security experts from over 30 countries worldwide and has become a benchmark in China's digital security industry. 

In recent years, Putuo has been actively cultivating four major industries, namely intelligent software, research and development services, technology finance and life and health. 

In the first half of this year, the tax revenue of the four major industrial areas accounted for 40.89 percent, reaching a historical high. 

At the same time, a large number of top enterprises in the digital economy have been cultivated, and emerging industries such as network security, digital advertising, and intelligent connected vehicles are flourishing here.

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