Comprehensive Strength

The year 2020 is the final year for completing the 13th Five-Year Plan and the task of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Putuo District steps up the overall planning and promotes routine epidemic prevention and control as well as the economic and social development. It spares no efforts in addressing problems of both facets without any letup and achieving satisfactory results in both respects. By ensuring stability on six key fronts and maintaining security in six key areas, we pay great attention to the promotion of high quality development, the creation of high quality life, and the achievement of high efficiency governance so as to continuously improve city levels and core competitiveness, thus smoothly completing the 13th Five-Year Plan and other major goals and tasks of the year. Meanwhile, the year 2020 has witnessed the added value of 112.95 billion yuan in Putuo District, an increase of 1.00% year on year. In the same year, its development of tertiary industry remains stable, which has grown around 11.2 billion yuan, a 1.79% increase from last year’s. In addition, the district’s general financial revenue stands at 30.94 billion yuan, down by 5.84%, among which the district-level fiscal revenue rises by 0.51% to 11 billion yuan.

Industry Layout

The four key industries of intelligent software, research and development services, science and technology finance, and life and health have been gradually upgraded, accounting for nearly 22% of the district’s tax revenue. Putuo District has introduced 5 projects with annual tax revenue of 100 million yuan and more than 50 projects with annual tax revenue of 10 million yuan. At the same time, a number of high-quality enterprises in line with the industry orientation have gradually gathered, such as 360 East China Security Headquarters, Ali Digital Agricultural Supply Chain and Jingdong Zhilian Cloud. In addition, significant effect has been achieved in activities including “May 5 Shopping Festival” and “Monthly Consumption Promotion”. Besides, the capability of scientific and technological innovation has been steadily improved. The China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) has been included as one of the featured industrial parks in the city, and 32 Chinese and Israeli enterprises, institutions and projects have settled in. The construction of Tsinghua International Innovation Center in Shanghai has been accelerated, along with the establishment of eight laboratories such as Cloud Technology Innovation and Trusted Trading and the Regional Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University.

Business Environment

We spare no efforts to promote the reduction of taxes and fees, formulate and implement policies including “measures on Shanghai’s giving full strength to prevent and control the epidemic as well as support the stable and healthy development of small and middle-sized enterprises”, “twelve measures on Putuo District’s support of small and middle-sized enterprises to fight the epidemic and tide over difficulty together”, and “nine measures on Putuo District’s further support of stable and healthy development of service enterprises” so as to help enterprises return back to work and reach target outputs. In addition, we also promote the integration of government affairs into "One Network" system. With 1046 public services connected onto the Putuo “One Network” system channel, we also rank first among all central urban areas. Apart from that, by focusing on efficient completion of every task, we list out twenty-two tasks requiring high working-efficiency and attracting most attention from enterprises, which made our district ranking first among all as well. Meanwhile, we enhance administrative service hall management, accept and process 585 transactions from the comprehensive counter without differentiation, establish “regular member debts • credit debts” SME financing service platforms, increase enterprise credits by using public information and data, issue additional 35 “Talent Preferential Cards”, with the grand total of 172 cards, launch a new round of “3+5+X” industrial policy system, and release the 3.0 version of the reform measures for improving the business environment in the district.

Key Areas

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, according to Shanghai’s key development plan, and based on Putuo District’s reality, advantages, available working space and key projects, resources and conditions, we accelerated our steps in forming the functional layout of “one axis and two wings”, among which “one axis” refers to “Wuning innovative development axis” and “two wings” represent “North Wing Urban Transformation Demonstration Corridor”, involving Taopu District and Zhenru City Sub-Center, and “South Wing Riverside Open Vitality Zone”, which includes Shanghai Technology and Finance Industry Cluster and Changshou Business District.

Wuning Innovative Development Axis

Wuning road is an important channel connecting the city center of Putuo district with the Yangtze River Delta, and also an important link connecting the urban vitality area and the industrial adjustment area of Putuo district. Based on the resources of universities and research institutes along Wuning Road, the innovation and development axis of Wuning gives full play to the function of the source of scientific and technological innovation, amplifies the radiation spillover effect on the whole district, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and thus becomes the innovation axis that drives the transformation and development of the whole district.

In 2019, Wuning innovation and development axis further expanded the sources of innovation, held a joint conference along the axis, gradually improved the level of platforms including “Shanghai industrial control systems’ security and innovation functional platform” and “robot research, development and transformation functional platform", and actively promoted the construction of “Shanghai industrial Internet security industry demonstration zone”. Meanwhile, we took the initiative in making connection with the reform of the registration system of the science and innovation board, and set up a listing expert counseling group to provide one-stop services for enterprises. By doing so, 8 high-tech enterprises were listed in the guidance list of the science and innovation board.

North Wing Urban Transformation Demonstration Corridor

During the “13th Five-Year Plan" period, Putuo District drove the transformation and development of the whole district with Taopu transformation demonstration, promoted the linkage development of Taopu and Zhenru, and built a demonstration corridor for urban renewal and innovative development in the northwest of Shanghai. We also strengthened our linkage development with Baoshan and Jiading, and became an open gateway for Shanghai to serve the Yangtze River Delta and integrate into the “One Belt And One Road” national strategy.

Taopu Area

With its east to the Nanhe branch, its west till the outer-ring road, its far south to Shanghai-Ningbo railway, and its far north to Hujia expressway, Taopu Intelligent and Innovative City covers an area of 7.9 square kilometers, of which the core area is 4.2 square kilometers and the planned construction area 4.27 million square meters. In 2013, Taopu District was listed as a key area of industrial structure adjustment.

In 2019, Taopu Intelligent and Innovative City made positive progress in land acquisition, storage and transfer, with a total of 4,405 acres of land acquisition and storage (including local transformation) completed, which accounted for about 99.5% of the area as planned. Land transfer reached 3935 acres, accounting for 90% of the area as scheduled. Seven plots of land had completed ecological comprehensive restoration, and about 740,000 square meters of soil treatment had been completed, accounting for about 70% of the initial amount.

Currently, according to “the development standard of both sides of Huangpu River and the first-class standard of the central urban area of modern international metropolis”, Taopu District, using an open and market-oriented development mechanism, adheres to principles including small scales, high density, humanization, and high discount rates. By bearing in mind the principle of “deep integration, low-carbon green ecology, and humanized urban design” throughout the process, we make joint efforts to push forward the demonstration of old industrial area transformation, urban renewal, and core competitiveness of cities in the 21st century, in the hope of building artificial intelligence characteristic industry cluster and “international innovation city”.

Zhenru City Sub-Center

Located between the Inner Ring and the Central Ring, and close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Shanghai-Jiading Expressway and Riverine Expressway, Zhenru City Sub-Center covers a total area of 6.21 square kilometers, among which the core area is about 2.43 square kilometers.

In 2019, Zhenru City Sub-Center completed the acquisition and storage of Bailian Group’s Caoyang Road Plot and Traffic Public Plot. The Sanyuan Road Welfare Home was basically completed, and the Zhenru Sub-Center Community Health Service Center was opened to the public. Projects including Gao·Shang field were advanced in an orderly manner, and XingGuangyao Square was officially opened.

At present, based on the function of “providing service to the public activity centers in Yangtze River Delta”, Zhenru City Sub-Center draws an overall plan of the commercial forms of the core area, deepens specialized plannings including culture and sports, strengthens the connection between the West Railway Station and the city group of the Yangtze River Delta, liberates the function of the West Railway Station as a transportation hub, and builds major functional projects including Gao·Shang field in an all-round way so as to spare no efforts in creating a new landmark of urban culture and commerce.

South Wing Riverside Open Vitality Zone

During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Putuo District deepened the south wing construction, focused on the development of “water bank economy”, strengthened environmental construction including the ecological green space, cultural facilities, river bank repair, riverside space connection, and slow-moving traffic to improve the integration function of business, travelling and culture in all respects, and become a landmark that served as the continuation of historical context, the display of delicate Shanghai style and the reflection of city vigor.

Shanghai Technology and Finance Industry Cluster Zone

Changfeng Ecological Business District is expanding eastward, westward and northward, and has been listed as the “Shanghai Technology and Finance Industry Cluster Zone”. The cluster area reaches Caoyang Road in the east, Suzhou River in the south, Zhenguang Road in the west, South QilianShan Road in the west, and Wuning Road in the north of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. The planned area is about 10 square kilometers.

In 2019, Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center was launched, and the preliminary work was advanced in an orderly manner. New Caoyang area planning and adjustment task was approved, and the conceptual design scheme of the North District of Chemical Industry Research Institute and the upgrade scheme of Suzhou River riverside green space and public facilities were completed. The quality improvement and transformation plan of Huadong Normal Area was initiated. Changfeng No. 8 southwest land parcel completed transfer. The construction of SAIC, Zhejiang Railway Greentown, Yihe, Guohao and other projects were proceeding in an orderly manner.

At present, focusing on ecology, vitality and quality, Shanghai Sci-Tech Finance Industry Cluster Zone makes efforts to develop four industrial parks of Sci-Tech finance, Internet plus, intelligent technology and educational technology, in order to build a central activity zone with high-end industries, sophisticated functions, good quality and thriving vitality.

Changshou Business District

Located in the south and north riverside of Suzhou River's golden water section, and bordering Jing'an District and Changning District, Changshou Business District covers an area of 5.37 square kilometers.

In 2019, Changshou Business District accelerated the renovation of cities in the “Chnagshou Bay” and the transformation of Caojiadu area. HongshouFang plot had been transferred, Tianan Qianshu, City Celebrity Hotel, Jinxiuli, M50 local micro-renewal projects were accelerated in construction progress, and Dai Jia Village plot was closed down.

At present, Changshou Commercial Business District lays emphasis on urban renewal and stock improvement. Combined with the improvement of Suzhou River waterfront environment, Changshou Commercial Business District speeds up transformation and upgrading to build a commercial, cultural, fashionable and dynamic district.


Cooperation and Communication

Putuo will carefully carry out instructions given by Central and Municipal Committees to strengthen domestic cooperation and communication, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, actively take the initiative to strengthen cooperation with relevant areas of domestic provinces and municipalities in friendly exchange and economic and trade cooperation, and accelerates regional economic development in the process of serving the Yangtze River Delta area, Yangtze River basin and the whole country. By March of 2015, Putuo District had established friendship with a total of 43 cities and regions across the country. Altogether 106 administrative bodies of various levels from brother provinces and districts have set up offices in Putuo, in which there are 16 provincial offices. About 3,000 enterprises are attracted to invest in Putuo every year. The district government also supports and encourages local enterprises to invest and seek development in other provinces and cities. There are dozens of local companies having investment throughout the country, especially in central and western regions of China, with a total investment of some 20 billion yuan.