Taopu establishes first government full-time firefighting squad

September 22, 2023 |

The Taopu Town of Putuo District is making preparations for establishing the first government full-time firefighting squad in the district. 

At present, 10 Taopu Town full-time firefighting and rescue team members are undergoing pre-service training. 

After comprehensive training, the team will not only handle rountine duties, but also undertake tasks such as regional fire inspections, hazard investigations, and firefighting publicity and training, to enhance the local fire safety. 

Taopu Town, located in the northwest of Putuo District, is one of the only five towns in the downtown city. The town covers an area of 18.83 square kilometers, with a wide territory and a large population, resulting in significant firefighting and rescue pressure. 

Currently, there is only one professional rescue team, the Taopu Special Fire Station, in the jurisdiction.