Changfeng Park hosts dragon boat races

June 01, 2023 |

A series of dragon boat races took place in Changfeng Park Yinchu Lake on Sunday.

More than 600 athletes from a total of 38 dragon boat teams took part in the competitions. Among them, there were 21 dragon boat teams in the government agency group, nine dragon boat teams in the middle school group, and eight dragon boat teams in the public group.

Despite the hot weather, the enthusiasm of the athletes remained undiminished, and the dragon boat team members were all spirited and full of energy. Many contestants warmed up and prepared for the competition.

The Suzhou Creek gave birth to Putuo, and Putuo also thrived due to the water. Since the first Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Race was officially held in 2004, as an important selection event for the race, the Putuo District Government Dragon Boat Race has also emerged and has become a brand event in Putuo's sports calendar.