Zhenru aims to attract more high-tech enterprises

March 30, 2023 |

The highest tower of the Max City project, the Block A of China Overseas Center, was officially topped off on Monday in the Putuo District's Zhenru Sub-center. 

As a model for the transformation of Shanghai's urban villages, the Max City project marks a milestone in the development of the Zhenru Sub-center. Today, with the "full coverage" of the project, it is expected to attract more high-tech enterprises to settle in the Zhenru Sub-center. 

"China Overseas Center follows the highest standard of office building under China Overseas Commerce. We will provide the best quality service and actively develop the headquarters base of science and technology enterprises," said Lu Fengcun, East China general manager of China Overseas Enterprises Development Group's Commercial Company. 

At present, a well-known Japanese advertising company has signed up, and well-known foreign companies from Canada, Singapore, and two domestic unicorns are still in further negotiations. 

By the end of this year, various businesses, such as the Shanghai Digital Advertising Park, Sam's Club, class A office building, high-end service apartments, Zhenru Haixin Theater, and the China Overseas Environ Tower MAX, will give the Zhenru Sub-center a rich and diverse consumption experience, a continuous flow of customers, and promote more high-end industries to gather in the Zhenru Sub-center.