First commercial complex in Taopu Smart City to start business

March 30, 2023 |

The Top One project, the first commercial complex in Taopu Smart City, is expected to open in May. 

Located above the Qilianshan Road station on Metro Line 11, the total commercial area covers 25,000 square meters. Recently, several catering and leisure shops have opened to welcome customers. 

"Characteristics + quality" is the highlight of the planning and operation of this first commercial complex project in the area, said Nan Shuzhi, assistant general manager of the Lingang Group's Industrial Development Company. 

The newly customized first-stores and flagship stores will settle in the complex, including Shanghai's first cultural and creative tea art fusion space, Starbucks, Lucky Coffee, MANNER Coffee, and Burger King. 

During the opening period, the mall plans to hold a series of feature markets, which will be related to the development characteristics of the Taopu area and even the industries that the region is focusing on. 

"For example, we will collaborate with businesses in the commercial complex and the technology companies in the park to create related markets such as aviation exhibitions and robot shows," Nan said.