Changfeng Ocean World launches shark study tour for children

March 22, 2023 |

“The Shark Behind-The-Scenes Tour” is a brand new project launched by Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World this year, which invites children to learn more about sharks.

The tour aims to increase their knowledge of the ocean and sharks and help them understand the significance of marine conservation and marine life protection through an interesting and educational mode.

The tour at Changfeng Ocean World in Putuo District introduces a group of “new guests” – Banded Bamboo Sharks.

Visitors are able to touch the sharks under the guidance of keepers and learn more about them through explanations from the docents and interactive activity panels.

Banded Bamboo Sharks have black and white spots of different sizes on their bodies, as if wearing a camouflage.

The skin of the shark has a special trait which has a frosted feel but is not stinging at all. “Its unique skin not only protects the shark from harm but also helps it to be more agile and reduces seawater resistance when cruising in the sea,” said Xu Yuanjie, a keeper at Changfeng Ocean World.

Currently, there are over 30 Banded Bamboo Sharks at Changfeng Ocean World, and surprisingly, many of them are about to become parents. In the floating frame of the pool where the eggs are placed, visitors can see small fish of finger-length about to come to light.

Apart from the direct touch on the skin of the sharks, visitors can also hand-feed them.