Sino-Israel innovation cooperation in Shanghai deepens

January 18, 2023 |

Innovation cooperation between China and Israel has taken deep roots in Shanghai, with the sixth China Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest wrapping up.

The contest was held on Monday at the China-Israel Innovation Hub in Putuo District, aiming to promote scientific and technological partnership between Chinese and Israeli companies.

Thirteen Israeli companies demonstrated their innovation projects at the site or via livestream. And 12 Chinese firms and institutes like Fosun Pharma and Shanghai HeartCare Medical Technology Co were there to seek potential business cooperation and bring advanced technologies from Israel to China.

Meanwhile, a plan to encourage Chinese and Israeli companies to start business together was launched. It aims to promote cooperation in fostering talent, technology transfer and other aspects.

The China-Israel Innovation Hub was established in December 2019 as a major step in Shanghai's implementation of a national strategy to promote Chinese and Israeli scientific technological innovation.

The hub is now home to around 100 companies and institutes from China and Israel in industries like smart manufacturing and healthcare. Leading Israeli incubators, such as Ehealth and Trendlines, have been operating in the hub.