No PCR checks for public transport as city eases COVID-19 curbs

December 06, 2022 |

Citizens are no longer required to show a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test report from Monday morning to take Metro, buses, ferries and other in-city public transportation. Putuo parks, scenic spots and other outdoor public venues also stopped checking PCR test reports at the entrances.

Local residents are still encouraged to scan the venue codes. They should keep wearing masks, show the green health code, and then measure their body temperature to enter subway stations. Citizens can use their green codes on the city's official transportation apps, including Suishenban, Suishenxing, and Metro Daduhui to swipe in.

The steps on checking nucleic acid test report have been reduced, improving the speed of entering the stations.

On the basis of scanning the venue code, manually checking the health code, and normal body temperature, passengers entering and leaving the three stations of the Kunshan section of Metro Line 11 still need to hold a negative nucleic acid test result within 48 hours.