Putuo firm develops new tech to detect circulating tumor cells

December 05, 2022 |

The new circulating tumor cell detection nanotechnology, PETCTC ® Technology, from Zhihui Medical in Putuo District has made a new breakthrough in early screening and accurate diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

Only 4ml of peripheral blood is needed to evaluate the indicators of more than 100 known types of cancer-circulating tumor cells, and the capture capacity has been increased by more than 10 times. The detection rate in patients with stage I tumors has reached 83.87 percent. In addition, this technology can also "identify" leukemia with high sensitivity.

The cure rate of cancer in the middle and late stages is low and is prone to invasion or metastasis. The five-year survival rate will exceed 90 percent if the cancers are found, diagnosed and treated early. PETCTC ® Technology can detect cancer early, which is more effective than late discovery and treatment.

In terms of the efficacy evaluation of some targeted drugs, the traditional cycle takes three to six months. With the support of this technology, the efficacy evaluation can be carried out one week before and after, so that doctors can adjust the medication plan and precise treatment in time.

Zhihui Medical has recently completed tens of millions of yuan of Pre-A round financing and is well settled in Putuo. In the future, through its R&D headquarters, the firm will cooperate with more than 200 first class hospitals in the Yangtze River Delta region, 150 medical device inspection institutions, and a number of medical device manufacturing enterprises. The company will help Putuo build a life and health industry economic circle.