Mental health authorities to further promote Yuexin Booths

December 05, 2022 |

The Putuo District Mental Health Center announced details of its work focus this year, including further promotion of its psychological service booths and release of its original mental health-themed caricature, during a recent public welfare event.

At its 2022 medical education promotion event, held in Wanli Subdistrict neighborhood, the district’s mental health professionals announced plans to further promote the psychological service booths – Yuexin Booth – across the district. The booths will also undergo an upgrade to add psychological hotline call transfer and online counseling into their services, so as to build a whole lifespan mental health fortress for people at different ages.

The Yuexin Booth program was firstly trialed in the district’s Changzheng Town and Caoyang Subdistrict starting from August 2021.

During the event, the center also released an original mental health-themed caricature series – “Doctor of Psychology” – mainly tailored for the mental health protection of children and adolescents.

A research project on campus mental health first aid courses was also launched during the event.

The project, initiated by the Shanghai Mental Health Center and supported by the Putuo District Mental Health Center, the No.4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU, and Jiangning School, will develop a systematic course containing online and offline lectures and practice courses on campus mental health first aid in the next two years.