First batch of 10 community "baby houses" launched in Putuo

November 29, 2022 |

The first batch of 10 community "baby houses" for preschool children was launched in Caoyang, Changzheng, Ganquan, Taopu and six other towns of Putuo District recently.

The "baby houses" aim to explore the construction of a "15-minute community life circle" for scientific childcare, and constantly move towards the goal of "children have good education."

The "baby house" in Caoyang takes the cultivation concept of "integrated development and balanced development" as the core in its construction. The overall space is spacious and bright, as if it were a kindergarten.

The whole activity area is equipped with cushions, a slide, a "small castle", a "small restaurant" and other game facilities. The "baby house" has two zones, a comfortable life zone and a comprehensive games zone, providing toys and materials for children aged 1-3 years.

The "baby house" provides free public welfare childcare services for community children and their parents 12 times a year. According to the operating tips, relevant processes, including service qualification identification, appointments and signing in, can be completed online through the "suishenban" app or WeChat mini program.