Police carry out water rescue drill on Suzhou Creek

July 28, 2022 |

Shanghai police practiced water rescue with boats, drones, and robots on Suzhou Creek in Putuo District on Wednesday.

Police launched a drone to find a drowning person and used a motorized robot shaped like a life buoy, which was remotely controlled, to reach the person.

Officers trained in water rescue "jumped into the creek" to save the victim.

Marine police patrol the creek three times a day from Moganshan police dock in Putuo to Waibaidu Bridge on the Bund.

Police said that they often have to advise residents, who climb over the flood-proof walls along the creek to swim or fish, not to do so.

"Swimming, fishing, and kayaking are prohibited because the creek is a shipping route," said Feng Yixuan, vice director of the Suzhou Creek Marine Police Station.

"The creek is 5 meters deep -- 7 meters at its deepest -- and has dangerous undercurrents and silt that trap people," she said.

This year, police have rescued five people from the creek.