Putuo unveils fresh initiatives for China-Israel Innovation Hub

November 19, 2021 |

The China-Israel Innovation Hub in Putuo District, a milestone in scientific cooperation between the two countries, should actively attract national-level innovation projects, key laboratories, incubators and engineering research centers, political advisors of Putuo District concluded after months of investigation.

The hub should actively strive for the support of major municipal-level scientific and technological innovation projects, strengthen cooperation with institutions and platforms such as the Shanghai Technology Exchange, Shanghai Intellectual Property Trading Center and the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, and attract well-known domestic intellectual property service organizations to settle in the hub.

As the west gate of Shanghai, the hub should strengthen cooperation with intellectual property exchanges of neighboring areas to set up a platform to accelerate innovations in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The hub is a major step in Shanghai’s implementation of a national strategy to promote Chinese and Israeli scientific technological innovation.

The innovation hub aims to attract 60 high-tech companies from across the world by 2023. An innovative system will be formed in the hub that is in line with international standards and is conducive to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. A series of research findings will be transformed into commercial products and a cluster of influential brands will be created by the China-Israel innovation exchange.