Ginkgo trees blanket areas of the city with a golden autumn hue

November 18, 2021 |

An enchanting colorful world is unfolding and it's the prime time to capture the delights and colors of autumn in Shanghai.

Some ginkgo trees have changed colors. The golden canopies above people's heads can be appreciated in a number of spots across the city.

Bring your cameras and slow your pace to enjoy a seasonal feast for the eyes.

Jinshajiang Road (between Zhenguang Road and Wanzhen Road) in Putuo District, People's Avenue and the Shanghai Concert Hall Square in Huangpu District, the Changde Road section between Middle Yan'an Road and Beijing Road W. in Jing'an District, the Siping Road section between Hailun Road and Dalian Road in Hongkou District, Huangjinchengdao Street in Changning District, Wusheng Road and the Bund sightseeing path in Huangpu, as well as botanical gardens and some parks, are among the best spots to appreciate ginkgo trees in the city.

They are either lined with golden ginkgo trees or feature dense ginkgo forests.

There are quite a number of cafés there, promising a beautiful environment for those who enjoy sipping coffee.

The Changde Road section between Middle Yan'an Road and Beijing Road W. is lined with 139 ginkgo trees. It is exactly the right time to appreciate the golden scenery.

If you are looking for places with fewer visitors, like Donghai Avenue in the Lingang area, Lujiazui 1885 square, both in the Pudong New Area, Dongchuan Road in Minhang District, Longshan Road in Jinshan District and Huale Road in Qingpu District, are recommended.

Linyi Park, Gaoqiao Park, Guzhong Garden and Jinqiao Park in the Pudong New Area are also on the list.

Shanghai's autumn colors usually last for about two months between late September and early December, and nature's kaleidoscopic display of fall colors is very enchanting and brilliant, officials with the Shanghai Greenery Management Station said.

To make the city's autumn scenes more romantic, Shanghai's greenery authorities decided to allow colorful fallen leaves to remain in some areas of the city rather than clearing them away, enabling people to appreciate the vibrant foliage beneath their feet.

A colorful seasonal spectacle is visible on 41 streets citywide this year.

Among them, quite a number feature ginkgo trees, according to the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

The golden carpet can be appreciated on streets such as Siping Road (between Hailun Road and Dalian Road) in Hongkou District from November 15 to 30, Tianzhong Road (between Changning Road and Tianshan Road) in Changning District from November 20 through December 20, and Ciyun Street in Xuhui District from November 20 until December 20.

These streets were carefully selected based on their rich historical elements and architectural features, according to the bureau.

The number of fallen leaves will be controlled, and trash will be removed to present the best scenic view.

The fallen leaves should not affect the flow of traffic, the bureau said.

On rainy and hazy days, or in advance of public events, fallen leaves will be removed to ensure the safety of pedestrians.