5 Putuo streets witness city’s seasonal fallen leaves spectacle

November 12, 2021 |

Starting from Wednesday, a colorful seasonal spectacle is being presented on 41 streets citywide, Shanghai’s Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau has announced. Sanitation workers will allow colorful fallen leaves to remain in some areas of the city rather than clearing them away.

The 41 roads include five in Putuo District, e.g. Huaxi Road from Fengqiao Road to Tongbai Road, Tongbai Road from Zaoyang Road to South Meiling Road, Lanxi Road from Zaoyang Road to Huaxi Road, Xincun Road from Zhenjin Road to Zhenhua Road, and Jinshajiang Road from Zhenguang Road to Wanzhen Road.

Visitors to Hunan, Guijiang, Xinhua, Sinan, Biyun, Fangdian, Julu, Yuncheng, Liyang and Siping roads will also be able to appreciate not only golden canopies above their heads but vibrant foliage beneath their feet.

These streets were carefully selected based on their rich historical elements and architectural features, according to the bureau.

They feature a variety of tree species such as plane, soapberry, ginkgo and sweet gum.

The period in which colorful fallen leaves are visible on these streets varies and will last until December 20 at the latest.

The number of fallen leaves will be controlled, and trash will be removed to present the best scenic view and the fallen leaves shouldn’t affect the flow of traffic, the bureau said.

On rainy and hazy days, or in advance of public events, the fallen leaves will be removed to ensure safety of pedestrians.