Nature conservation festival raises awareness about the environment

October 21, 2021 |

Ten scientific experience areas will be set up in the Changfeng area in Putuo District on Sunday to display the city's biological diversity with interactive games, which serves as part of the 7th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival, featuring a variety of environmental protection and science popularization activities both online and offline.

The festival to be kicked off on Saturday will include a lecture with experts from home and abroad to share in the preservation of nature, visits to ecological and environmental protection facilities, tours to explore nature, a photo exhibition and a shutterbug photography competition.

"The city has recorded about 800 varieties of plants and some 600 species of terrestrial animals and 507 species of birds, showcasing its biological diversity," said Zhu Xinjun, chief engineer at the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau.

Themed "Celebrate Diversity, Jointly Build an Eco-City," the event will run from Saturday through October 29.

The lecture held on Saturday aims to raise public awareness of biological diversity and low-carbon lifestyles, and a webcast will be held as well.

On Sunday, a round-table meeting on Chongming Island will invite experts and scholars to brainstorm topics such as the protection of biological diversity, the application of technological innovation in green development and carbon neutrality.

During the festival, the public will walk into the city's science popularization and environmental protection venues, and teenagers can participate in various ecological activities such as wildlife observation.

A photo exhibition with 120 photos selected from 3,218 works on display will run at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum from Saturday through October 29.

A shutterbug competition encourages the public to capture nature and low-carbon acts around them on camera and share the photos and videos on digital media platforms.

At the same time, nearly 30 nature and science films will be screened at the city's museums, schools and communities.