Putuo optimizing its business environment

March 02, 2021 |

Putuo District released 100 new measures on Monday to offer better services to companies and professionals and further optimize its business environment.

The district government will serve as “partner” and “waiter” to companies and offer life-span services for different development stages, said Gu Jianzhong, director of its development and reform commission.

It will become more convenient for companies to register, pay taxes and have construction projects approved through online services. Specialized teams will be organized with officials from different government bodies to serve major construction projects.

“It took only 97 days for 360 to sign a batch of cooperative deals with Putuo,” said Hu Zhenquan, vice president of the Chinese cybersecurity giant. The company plans to move more of its business to Shanghai and contribute to the city’s development, he said.

For key companies such as 360, the district will assign specialists to deal with any problems.

The district government named 20 “best specialists” on Monday. They included Liu Jia, an official with the Caoyang Subdistrict, who serves companies with both frequent visits and big data analysis, Liu said.

The district also awarded talent cards to eight professionals to let them enjoy preferential education, medical and cultural services. The government will offer guidance on children’s education, open green channels at nearby hospitals and invite them to theaters and other cultural facilities.

A butler will offer bespoke services to top professionals.

The district government has so far released 218 such talent cards to professionals living and working in Putuo.