Community police provides love, care for epilepsy patient

February 22, 2021 |

Two community police officers visited a local resident with epilepsy at Ganquan Sub-district in Putuo District during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Police officer Yang Shouqiang and community police officer Zhou Xuxiang took a family-style photo with Minmin, in his 30’s, during the visit. Minmin called Yang papa and Zhou mama during the gathering.

In 1995, Yang was in his 30’s with a six-year experience as a policeman. While visiting communities, Yang found Minmin alone at home while other kids his age all went to school.

Yang visited Minmin’s family and got to know that Minmin suffers from epilepsy since he had dystocia at birth. As Minmin was discriminated against by neighbors in downtown Jing’an District, so his family decided to relocate to Putuo.

Since then, Yang had the family and Minmin in mind, giving a hand to the family whenever they had difficulties in bringing up Minmin. And later on Minmin took Yang as his family as well, calling him Papa Yang whenever they met.

In 1998 Yang was transferred to another police station and his responsibilities were taken over by Zhou as a community police officer of Gangquan Road Police Station. Yang accompanied Zhou to visit Minmin and his family during the ‘handover’.

At Minmin’s home, Yang introduced Zhou and Minmin requested a hug from Zhou, who gave Minmin a bear hug without hesitation, breaking the ice between them.

Since then Minmin called Zhou as Mama Xiang.

On a Chinese New Year’s eve, Minmin’s mother called Zhou for help as Minmin’s epilepsy broke out again and he stood in the middle of a trunk road, pretending to be traffic policeman. Zhou rushed to the scene and tried to persuade Minmin to go to see a doctor with the help of Yang, who arrived at the scene later.

As both Yang and Zhou are nearing their retirement, so the Ganquan Road Police Station has decided to designate another policeman to take care of Minmin when necessary and promised to keep on taking the responsibility in the future to ensure Minmin has a life full of love and care for the rest of his life.