New base to tackle crimes on the Internet

January 06, 2021 |

A base for the study and handling of Internet crimes was established at the Putuo District’s procuratorate on Tuesday.

The procuratorate also launched a big data project with organizations including the Shanghai Academy Social Sciences Institute of Law, Putuo General Chamber of Commerce and cybersecurity firm 360.

The base will focus on assisting in case handling, monitoring and warnings, and data sharing about online crimes. Many related platforms, systems and software will be launched soon, the procuratorate said.

“It is a cooperation between the law and technology to safeguard the environment of the Internet,” said Zhu Wenbo, Putuo’s chief procurator.

Du Yuejin, vice president of 360, said: “Internet safety is not all about the technology.”

Nine experts in technical and juridical fields will be helping local authorities handle online crime cases. They include Li Xiang, a professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law, Fang Haifeng, a technical director in Alibaba Group’s legal department and Liu Haitao, a lawyer with King & Wood Mallesons.

The city outlined its ambition to become a digital economy capital with global influence on Monday with digital transformation of the economy, daily life and city governance to be fully implemented in the next 15 years.

“The transformation will bring opportunities and challenges to the city,” Du said. “As the means of online crime are updated fast, all aspects of life in digital will be the battlefield for cracking down on such crimes.”

Meanwhile, Changning District’s court published five more codes of online conduct and related cases on guidance cards for people’s better understanding after 10 regulations were issued by the court a year ago.