Life-health industry booming in Putuo District

January 04, 2021 |

Shanghai plans to develop a “Life Smart Valley” in northwest downtown to focus on life-science and digital-information technologies.

Putuo District officials announced a development project under construction to make Taopu Smart City a “Top Health City” along Suzhou Creek, with the value of the life-health sector projected to exceed 10 billion yuan (US$1.53 billion) by 2025.

The district aims to develop an international life-health headquarters base along with a high-end medical innovation center, pharmaceutical resources allocation center and digital medical service center, said Jiang Dongdong, director of Putuo.

The ambition will be driven by the district's two key innovation incubators – the China-Israel Innovation Hub and the International Innovation Center of Tsinghua University Shanghai.

In cooperation with Tongji University, Putuo will develop a life-health industry highland covering the high-end medical equipment, pharmaceutical distribution and sales, digital medical and health and biomedical technology development industries.

“The Life Smart Valley will influence the Yangtze River Delta region and serve the entire world,” Jiang told the district’s Life Health Industry Development Conference.

The tax revenue contributed to the life-health sector will increase by 1 percent a year to reach 10 percent of Putuo’s total district tax revenue within five years. Several landmark industrial parks and innovation platforms will be created to attract companies.

Other existing innovation parks and research institutes in Putuo will also contribute to achieve the district government's goals. They include Universal Software Park, Changfeng Science and Technology Park and the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry.

The district government has released a number of supportive policies to assist the life-health industry's development. Companies are encouraged to expand internationally and cooperate with one another.

A Life and Health Industry Expert Advisory Committee was founded in Putuo to guide the development of the industry. Leading experts, including Chen Kaixian from the China Academy of Social Sciences, Jin Li, executive vice president of Fudan University, and Chen Yihan, vice president of Tongji University were appointed as members of the committee.