Social organizations aid community management in Putuo

June 22, 2020 |

Social organizations are playing a key role in offering services, solving social problems and improving community management in Shanghai's downtown districts.

A social organization in Changshou Road Subdistrict of Putuo, for example, has fostered five workshops for handicraft masters, helped to conduct the relocation for three plots, conducted intelligent renovation of 11 neighborhoods, installed 28 elevators for old residential buildings as well as offered garbage-sorting guidance for 35 communities within a year. The newly established organization has also offered legal services more than 110 times.

These versatile social organizations have been growing rapidly in number in Putuo in the city's western downtown, organizing community services and sports events, tending to public welfare and philanthropic issues, as well as mediating conflicts among the residents.

The number of social organizations in Putuo increased by 10 percent annually to a total of 884 this year. Only 20 percent are established with government funds and most others are non-government, the Putuo District Civil Affairs Bureau announced on Saturday.

An entrepreneurship and investment competition for social organizations was launched on Saturday in Putuo, which has attracted more than 200 startup and social management projects. More than 70 were selected through online public polls.

Popular public benefit projects include elevator installation, shared refrigerator and support to children in poor living conditions.

 Social organizations aid community management in PutuoTi Gong

Officials launch the nation's first district-level credit management platform for social organizations in Putuo on Saturday.

"The competition aims to incubate popular brands among the social organizations and develop the characteristic projects in various fields," said Gu Jun, deputy Party secretary of Putuo.

The competition is also expected to help the social organizations to resume operations as the novel coronavirus pandemic wanes in the city.

Yang Yuanfei, deputy director of Putuo, said: "The passion of the social organizations is expected to be further boosted, while additional organizations and social welfare projects will be attracted to Putuo."

To enhance the management of the social organizations, Putuo launched the nation's first district-level social organization credit supervision platform on Saturday.

A comprehensive credit system will be created by collecting data on the organizations' registration, annual checks and evaluation as well as public, government and market information.

"An honest and faithful atmosphere is expected to be created among the social organizations with the launch of the credit management system," said Liu Yihai, head of the bureau.