Putuo celebrates Government Opening Day

June 19, 2020 |

The Putuo District government invited 31 local residents to the Putuo Administration Service Center to join the opening ceremony of Government Opening Day yesterday.

It was the first government opening day of the year in the west Shanghai district.

The Putuo government pays a lot of attention to administrative transparency, and the opening day activity aims to raise awareness of local residents and enterprises to go online in applying for administrative approval, Jiang Dongdong, director of the district, said.

“It took us only one day to apply for a business license instead of one week, so we are very satisfied with the efficiency of government departments,” Li Feng, general manager of Dengfeng Trade Co Ltd, said.

The Putuo government topped the 2019 county-level government transparency list in the Chinese Government Transparency Index Report released jointly by the Institute of Law, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Social Sciences Academic Press earlier this month.

It’s the second time that Putuo has topped the list after 2017 and it was No. 1 among districts in Shanghai for the fifth consecutive year. In 2018 the district was second on the list.