Suning Art Museum hosts free exhibition for Children's Day

May 27, 2020 |

A painting exhibition will open to the public for free at the Suning Art Museum in Putuo District from Sunday, in honor of the upcoming Children’s Day on June 1.

The first art exhibition for children at the private museum in Putuo District will encourage youngsters to paint the beautiful world of their imagination.

A graffiti wall will be set up on the B1 floor at the museum for children to paint and exhibit artworks. Professional judges will evaluate the paintings and select the best works for awards.

Parents can make reservations through the official WeChat account of the museum — suningmuseum. The exhibition will run through June 30.

The art museum along the Suzhou Creek covers 5,000 square meters. It features a collection of over 3,000 artworks, mainly paintings, dating back to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

A batch of national treasures are highlighted in the museum, such as the “Twilight Snow in Mountain Villa” by the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) painter Xia Gui. The painting “Pearl and Dragon” by Chen Rong from the same dynasty is also on view.

The works of other famous Chinese artists, including Wen Zhengming, a leading painter, calligrapher and poet, as well as Dong Qichang, a calligrapher, are exhibited. Both Wen and Dong are from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Contemporary works by art master Zhang Daqian are also featured in the new museum.