Popular Putuo amusement parks reopen

March 23, 2020 |

Legoland Discovery Center and Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, two landmark amusement parks in Putuo District, have resumed operation as the COVID-19 epidemic gradually stabilizes.

Visitors will have their body temperatures checked and they have to wear masks throughout their excursion in the amusement parks.

At Legoland Discovery Center, all public venues will be sanitized every two hours to ensure safety. Volunteers are available to ensure visitors avoid a big gathering.

At Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, visitors need to get their shoes sanitized and register their entrance online apart from body temperature check. A new air system has been put into use inside the hall to ensure quick circulation of fresh air.

Parts of the popular tourist destinations at the two amusement parks have been closed to avoid crowd gathering. And more sanitation facilities have been put inside the toilets, including disposable paper towels, hand sanitizer and special dustbins for disposable masks. 

Police officers and health-care professionals across the nation can enjoy 50 percent discount on entrance fees at the two amusement parks before June 30.