Second batch of Putuo medical team leaves for Wuhan

February 07, 2020 |

Over 20 doctors and nurses from three Putuo hospitals, aged between 23 and 58, departed for Wuhan in the second batch to support the local medical force during the Spring Festival amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Wang Xiongbiao, chief physician of Putuo District Central Hospital, canceled his visit to his hometown and stuck to work when the novel coronavirus outbreak first appeared. He immediately volunteered to join the support team.

Chief nurse Cai Wenjun of Putuo District People’s Hospital has been a caregiver at the oncology department for more than two decades. She packed up her stuff on short notice and asked her husband to take care of her mother, who has just undergone a surgery.

“I know there won’t be enough medical workers and given that I have the experience it’s time I filled in the place,” Cai said.