Fragrance all around at Spring Festival flower show

January 21, 2020 |

A Spring Festival flower exhibition is being held at Global Harbor Mall in Putuo until February 16.

The event features more than 50 kinds of flowers, including narcissus, tulip, orchid, succulent and winter jasmine, most of which are usually decorations during the current festive season.

All the exhibits have been cultivated by member enterprises of Chongming’s flower and gardening association.

The narcissus grown by Baiye Narcissus Professional Co-op, for example, has been recognized with the national geographical mark for its quality.

Shanghai Aermisi Gardening Co Ltd, a joint organizer of the exhibition, is showcasing tulip, hyacinth and several other flowers that are distinctive in the technology that makes them bloom at this time of the year, while the company is also the first in China to own intellectual property rights on tulip.