Ten years of exchanges make Chinese-Thai ties close as a family

January 08, 2020 |

A delegation, led by Sasirit Tangulrat, consul general of Thailand in Shanghai, and Wesarat Keokajee, consul of education, visited Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School on the afternoon of December 19, 2019. Tang Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Putuo District, and Chen Chuan, section chief of the Putuo District Foreign Affairs Office, received the delegation.

During the talks, Yang Yun, principal of Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School, introduced the history of friendly exchanges between the school and Thailand, and shed light on the teaching of Thai as a second foreign language. The consul general expressed her appreciation for the school’s contribution to Sino-Thai friendship, and said that she would continue to set up more platforms for exchanges between Chinese and Thai schools.

A unique Thai culture lecture was held at the school’s Learning Center. Before the lecture, students performed a Thai folk song “The Elephant Song”. The standard pronunciation and lovely interpretation left a deep impression on the Thai Consulate guests. In her speech, the Consul General encouraged students to continue to work hard to learn Thai and become messengers of Sino-Thai culture.

In the cultural lecture, guests from Thailand introduced the geography, history, culture, customs and other aspects of the Southeast Asian country, and interacted with students with a question-and-answer game. The students are deeply aware of China’s geographical proximity and cultural links with Thailand and the unique style and charm of Thai culture.

At the end of the event, student representatives presented flowers and a hand-written scroll “Chinese-Thai relationship close as a family” to the Consul General. She gladly signed her name on the front page of a Thai language book and gave everyone a small gift from Thailand.

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School launched friendly relations with Thai organizations and schools in 2009. Through a non-general language learning program for primary and secondary schools in Shanghai, the school was designated as the Thai language teaching base by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2015. In cooperation with Shanghai International Studies University, it has launched a Thai second foreign language course. For ten years now, the Thai Consulate in Shanghai has been supporting the school’s teaching of Thai language and promotion of Thai culture. During the school’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival, the Thai Consulate selects a series of wonderful programs. And elements of Thai culture can be found in various large activities in the school. Thai has become a shining business card in the school’s multilingual teaching.

In future, Putuo District will continue to actively respond to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, expand exchanges and cooperation with Thailand in various fields, and push China-Thailand friendship to a new level.