Changfeng Ocean World teams up with 'Octonauts'

January 07, 2020 |

Changfeng Ocean World in Putuo District has joined hands with the popular children's TV series "The Octonauts" to stage a variety of activities which will take young visitors on a journey to explore the ocean and marine creatures, and raise their awareness of ocean protection.

Four interactive games will allow children to discover different types of ocean creatures. Children are invited to follow characters from the TV series to accomplish tasks such as rescuing injured creatures, sorting ocean garbage, and feeding creatures via different installations.

Children are also able to get close to their favorite characters from the TV series and explore the mysterious undersea world.

A new 4D movie featuring the Octonauts has been launched at the park as well.

It is hoped that the collaboration will enable children to appreciate the undersea world via stimulating interactive experiences, and convey the importance of protecting aquatic creatures, said Zhang Qi, Merlin China regional general manager.

"The Octonauts" series is about a team of eight adorable animals who explore the ocean in search of adventure and fun.