WePlay Game Expo brings together e-sports enthusiasts

December 09, 2019 |

The 2019 WePlay Game Expo was held over the weekend at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing in Putuo, showcasing over 200 kinds of games as well as immersive gaming experience.

In the meantime, the district released a bunch of policies to support key enterprises and projects in the e-sports industry.

They cover the full industry chain, including settling of e-sports firms, construction of sports facilities, original content development, platform building and introduction of talent.

For example, a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan (US$710,000) will be given to projects pertaining to e-sports stadium or platform construction and 3 million yuan for a leading company or the organizing of an e-sports event.

Construction of ongoing structures is being speeded up. The ESP E-sports Culture and Experience Center is set to be put into use in part next year and Blizzard Estadium will kick off renovation to earmark 1,700 square meters of space for interactive experience.

Some Putuo e-sports companies have set about cultivating talent in the industry, filling the positions of players, project managers, planners, buyers and other professional practitioners.