Putuo sci-tech platforms thriving

December 05, 2019 |

Seven sci-tech platforms in Putuo have achieved a combined sales volume of 230 million yuan (US$32 million) over the past year, earning a profit of 72 million yuan and paying 19 million yuan in taxes.

These platforms are involved with electronic information, new materials, advanced manufacturing and smart transportation and six have been examined and accepted.

With support from the district’s fund, the platforms have been able to innovate and develop while completing the transfer of their research results in time.

Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Chemicals’ Public Safety, for example, is a national pioneer in identifying and classifying chemical hazards.

Shanghai Road Traffic Smart Guiding System Engineering Research Center, on the other hand, has successfully landed its traffic monitor systems in Pudong and Tianjin Municipality as well as at major events like the second Chine International Import Expo.