Smart sharing fridges doing a swell charity job

November 28, 2019 |

Smart sharing refrigerators in Putuo are doubling up as charity tools, providing food stuff and supporting those in need.

Shaped like an automatic vending machine, the fridge has a transparent glass so people can see through the items inside, which include cookies, noodles and mineral water.

Residents with a special charity card can get an item for free while others can purchase and the money is collected for a charity fund to better serve the project.

Some fridges have also been upgraded and loaded with facial ID for quick access to the food.

The project was first launched in Changzheng Town in October and now covers three charity markets in the district. Each link of the process is traceable to make sure that the money and the products are in the right place.

A volunteer team is responsible for the daily running of the project and the procedure is optimized now, counting on local residents and firms to donate products.