New phase of transfer stations for wet garbage

November 15, 2019 |

Putuo is to put into use a new phase of transfer stations for wet garbage, mainly kitchen waste, relieving the pressure from an increasing load.

The facility takes up an area of 1,100 square meters with the first floor equipped with deodorizing and unloading workshop. The second floor has an unloading entry platform.

It has been tested once in September and will be improved in terms of odor and dust. The overall project was completed in October.

The volume of wet trash has risen rapidly to a daily average of 150 tons in June from the previous 60 tons, and the number continues to rise, making their transfer a difficult proposition.

To make sure that the wet garbage does not pile up in residential areas, a local environment preserving company purchased new batches of trucks for garbage collection and began to work on the transfer stations.

The first phase is set to clear a daily amount of 230 tons and more such stations will be in operation to support the cleaning work.