Multi-functional building opens for Hutai residents

August 30, 2019 |

A four-story multi-functional building has been put to use on Yichuan Road, Putuo, to serve residents living in the Hutai area.

The 2,400-square-meter space will act as a basic platform for the 15-minute life circle to be built, a center for community comprehensive management and law enforcement and a station to attend to people’s urgent needs.

A one-stop reception window on the first floor guides visitors as well as responds to administrative consulting.

Fundamental medical needs can be met here with a medical service center available, offering general practice with Western and Chinese medicine alike.

A community affairs branch is also inside the building, undertaking tasks for more than 36 items that residents encounter the most often, like applying for a new social security card or renewing medical records.

An economical canteen is also available, which is most convenient for elderly residents who have trouble moving around shopping for food.

The daycare center for the old, on the other hand, can provide physical checks like blood pressure and ECG and has several massage devices.

Activity space has been spared for residents to take cooking or handcraft lessons.