Global Harbor set to become Putuo’s first 5G commercial area

August 28, 2019 |

Global Harbor Mall under Yuexing Group will be built as Putuo’s first 5G commercial area, in cooperation with Huawei.

The world’s first 5G system based on indoor environment was jointly launched by the China Real Estate Association, the Shanghai branch of China Mobile and Huawei recently. Altogether seven five-star shopping centers which utilize the system, including Global Harbor Mall, were unveiled at the same time.

Nowadays mall guests have higher communications demands when it comes to applications scenario. High-definition videos, mobile payment and virtual reality or augmented reality games are more commonly seen in large shopping centers.

The project of introducing 5G into the mall will help improve shopping experience at Global Harbor as well as pushing forward the transfer of digital stores.

According to the strategic agreement with Huawei, the two parties will work together in the fields of smart home appliances, communities and digital upgrade.

In the future the collaboration, using Huawei’s tools of cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things, will extend to Yuexing’s other main businesses.