Putuo to develop Suzhou Creek-based tourism

August 21, 2019 |

Putuo District will try to promote tourism featuring the Suzhou Creek by integrating culture and commerce.

A “Suzhou Creek Study Room” and other reading space projects are under way. It will become a brand that will be promoted, with relevant spinoffs to be developed later.

Community cultural centers and sub-districts will work together in this respect.

Seminars and lectures on traditional Chinese culture and urban culture will also be held regularly to create a benign reading environment.

Construction of the Suzhou Creek museum corridor is on as well. The stretch of waterfront belt will have more than 20 such facilities, including the Shanghai Mint Factory, a hydraulic engineering relic from around 13th century and a river scenic area.

The belt already boasts some cultural innovation parks like the M50 Creative Park. These parks are also encouraged to interact with neighborhood communities and cultivate more feature stores and brands.