Old residents of Caoyang Xincun get ‘partners’ for company

August 16, 2019 |

The residential committee has stepped in to make life more convenient for old people in Caoyang Xincun community of Putuo.

Residents at Caoyang Xincun, Shanghai’s first “workers’ community,” are mostly the earliest batch of workers in China that are already in their senior years.

Volunteers now become one-on-one partners with old people who live alone, thereby giving them company.

An elderly resident surnamed Yuan, for example, has just undergone knee surgery and cannot move around. Her two sons, being out of town for work, cannot take care of her.

Volunteer Xiao Chen learned about her situation when visiting the neighborhood and offered to attend to Yuan. Since then she has been doing a lot for Yuan, including cleaning her room, shopping for food and cooking.

The committee is also cultivating more young social workers to understand the residents’ needs, communicate with them and help out.

The partnering for the financially disadvantaged and physically impaired residents, in the meanwhile, continues.