Multiple Taopu City projects taking shape

August 07, 2019 |

Multiple projects for Putuo’s smart and green “Taopu City” will conclude in 2021.

Its central green park, the largest of its kind in Shanghai covering an area of 100 hectares, is taking shape with some parts on the north already open to visitors.

Among the key projects, construction for the China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) is in full swing. It is set to be launched by the end of the year.

The overall progress will be based on the requirements to build a sponge city, which would be more adaptable to the environment.

About 15 roads will be built in different batches and will put passenger needs first.

Facilities for senior care, cultural event and public services will come up soon after.

Buildings in the area have to be environmentally friendly, and that’s a norm. About 18 percent of the buildings here are rated three-star green while more than 20 percent are “healthy buildings.”

The BIM technique, which integrates the whole building cycle of design, construction through operation, applies to the all building construction in Taopu City.

A 3D-printing bridge, also a first in China, was completed and placed in the green land earlier in January this year.