25 sub-centers to make life easier for Putuo residents

July 18, 2019 |

Putuo District has set out to build a network of 25 “sub-centers” to make life and service more convenient for residents as well as management more efficient.

The centers are set up based on the district’s population distribution and service capabilities to optimize the community functions and operation mechanism.

The center located at Shiquan sub-district, for example, gathers resources from the local government, social organizations and neighboring enterprises to meet residents’ need for medical care, dining, children’s day care and socializing.

With sessions for reading, dining, video watching and other leisure events, people of all ages can find something to do here.

Canteen food is reasonably priced and more than 900 elderly people have applied for a card here.

Seniors who live alone or cannot take care of themselves can be looked after at the center’s day care branch. Rehabilitation and shower services are also available.

During summer vacation, children can also sign up for calligraphy and music lessons given by local residents.

The network is easier for city management. The local government has begun to bring greening, market supervision and security departments into the specific network.