Putuo teenagers festival sheds light on sci-tech education

June 10, 2019 |

The Putuo Teenagers Science and Technology Festival and STEM Education Forum was held at Wenda School last week, gathering scholars and experts to shed light on the development of sci-tech education.

The event presented honors to the top 10 young “academicians” in the district for their forward thinking on science and innovation. Their researches cover a bunch of practical issues, including the ponding system on the sidewalk and using activated carbon to process chemical liquid waste.

Officials from Wenda School, Caoyang Middle School and No. 2 Secondary School Affiliated to Tongji University briefed about their approach to sci-tech teaching.

Wenda has a lab that specially looks into Shanghai local insects and their living conditions while Caoyang helps students develop a prospect for space city in the future. One of the latter’s project was a first-prize winner at last year’s International Space Settlement Design Competition preliminary selection in China.