Putuo sub-district cleans up indoor building space in communities

March 07, 2019 |

Shiquan Sub-district in Putuo launched a campaign to clean up indoor building space in residential communities last September, especially targeting sundry items dumped in corridors to optimize the use of room space.

The project has been able to clean more than 950 buildings in the neighborhood, covering 60 percent of the total buildings aimed at and tidied up more than 200 unclaimed bikes as well as other inflammable items.

Street officials made brochures in advance to spread in the communities, raising people’s awareness to undertake cleaning for safety and convenience within the building. Residents, social workers and volunteers were also engaged in the process.

To make the work last, WeChat groups have been set up so residents can communicate and seek improvements, if any, on the work done as early as possible.

The neighborhood committees aim to clean out all the unnecessary stacks piling up in passageways that block the way or might be a hazard.