Sight-impaired in Putuo ‘see’ Chinese movie ‘Pegasus’

February 27, 2019 |

Putuo residents with sight-impairment were able to “see” a latest Chinese movie with help from voluntary interpreters. “Pegasus” became the country’s first movie to be enjoyed by such a crowd about the same time as other viewers on February 22.

“The movie was released on the first day of the Spring Festival and we got a sample copy five days later and started our drafting process as soon as possible,” explained Qu Dapeng, who led the team of volunteers to complete the movie interpretation project.

The public project was first launched in 2012 by the Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation and the East Radio Company to remove the viewing barriers for people with eyesight problems and Putuo has been an active advocate.

The district has made it a monthly event on the last Friday of every month. The movie list gets an update of 24 movies every year and has so far benefitted 6,000 viewers.