Putuo to ensure safe production during the Spring Festival

February 10, 2019 |

Cao Liqiang, Party chief of Putuo, inspected the district’s major sites and checked their safe production for the Spring Festival on January 31.

Cao and the district’s leaders first went to the Wanquan Store of Fmart at Xincun Rd and were briefed on the store’s operation, sales, management, quality control, and the store’s safe production procedures.

Cao said as an important venue for the local residents’ daily supply, the supermarket should strengthen their staff’s training on safe production, perfect their safety regulations and contingency plans. The related government departments should make sure the supermarkets have ample food supplies and their food items should have stable pricing.

Later, the district leaders inspected the Joy City to check the mall’s roof construction, interior renovation, management, and the safety and security works.

Also, the district’s security commission issued plans recently to check the densely populated places and large-scale inspections will be carried out at supermarkets, construction sites, and companies that produce hazardous chemicals to achieve safe production during the Spring Festival.